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baby patient hospital kit

baby patient hospital kit


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Get help expressing your concern and desire for clean hands with washmind!  Protect yourself and your new baby from unclean hands while in the hospital without the awkwardness of verbally asking people to stop and clean their hands.  Skipping hand hygiene is not always intentional but it can have devastating consequences for both you and your new baby. Let us help you ask!


  • 1 double sided cling decal
  • 2 silicone washmind parent bracelets
  • 1 double sided educational tent card
  • 1 double sided baby bed decal
  • 1 tri-fold educational mini brochure


Apply the double sided cling decal to a clean entrance window or door, put on your washmind bracelets and assemble your tent card by peeling off the adhesive strip and fastening to opposite flap.  Apply the small double sided cling decal to the outside of your baby’s bed.  Read your brochure for more information on hospital infections and tips to reduce your infection risks.