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     This idea came to me when my oldest daughter was born. I knew the dangers of unclean hands in healthcare environments but watched busy healthcare staff, my own family members and visitors come into our hospital room and touch both me and my new baby girl without cleaning their hands. 


     Knowing the infection risks, I still found it too awkward and uncomfortable to verbally ask them to stop and clean their hands!  I knew I needed to create something to solve this life threatening problem and help empower others, like me, who find it hard to ask someone to clean their hands.


     This personal experience combined with the past 13 years working for both an infection data company and a hand hygiene technology company continued to prove to me that healthcare workers, patients and their families are in desperate need of washmind.  As I developed washmind, I also saw the need for our reminders in our schools and workplaces, as well as our hospitals.  I wanted to create something we could all learn to recognize as our important commitment to clean hands, everywhere.


         Hospital acquired infections aren't intentional and the good news is that they are preventable!   As patients, we can help protect ourselves, our family members and the healthcare workers taking care of us by expressing our concern for clean hands with washmind reminders.  My hope is that washmind empowers patients, families, schools, healthcare facilities and workplaces by softening the verbal barrier when it comes to clean hands and making the conversation easier by 'asking' without saying a word.


Kelly Cheatham   

washmind Founder & CEO