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Show your concern for clean hands!

Original, high quality and vivid red washmind reminders for home, work, school, healthcare facilities and restaurants.

Why we ALL need reminders...

Only 31% of men and 65% of women wash their hands after using the bathroom.

80% of all diseases are transmitted by hand.

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"How hospitals can make you sick."

Demand Clean Hands

You should get over the idea that it's rude to ask people to wash their hands before touching you. Sanitary gel dispensers should be available in your room or just outside. It's still a good idea to keep your own bottle handy; if you're not sure your nurse -- or your visitor -- has made use of the hospital's supply, offer them yours.

Why You Need To Ask Healthcare Workers To Wash Their Hands

When Cari Shane requested that her four-year-old’s pediatrician wash her hands before starting the exam, the doctor complied, but was upset. But Shane, who is a public relations executive, says if she were in the same position, she’d do the same thing all over again. “What was more important? Having the doctor mad at me or protecting the health of my child?”

Strict hand hygiene is the gold standard for reducing infections associated with health care-associated infections (HAIs), experts say. And when doctors, nurses and health care workers fall short, it’s important for patients to feel confident enough to speak up.

Why Hospitals Want Patients To Ask Doctors, 'Have You Washed Your Hands?'

It's a simple enough request, but for patients and families who feel vulnerable, scared or uncomfortable in a hospital room, the subject can be too intimidating to even bring up with a doctor or nurse: Have you washed your hands?

Hospitals are encouraging patients to be more assertive, amid growing concern about infections that are resistant to antibiotics.